Advanced to FTC Worlds Championship - Houston

Winning Alliance - North Texas Regionals

Design Award Finalist - North Texas Regionals

1st Place Inspire Award - Wylie East Qualifier

3rd Place Think Award - Wylie East Qualifier

2nd Place Design Award - Wylie East Qualifier

1st Place Motivate Award - Plano Qualifier

3rd Place Alliance 1st Pick - Plano Qualifier 


1st Place Inspire Award - Jesuit Qualifier 

Winning Alliance Captain - Jesuit Qualifier

Connect Award - Wylie East Tournament 

Finalist Alliance - Wylie East Tournament 

Division Semi-Finalist - North Texas Regionals

Ethan L.- 2018 Dean's List Semi-Finalist


1st Place Inspire Award - Wylie East Tournament 

Motivate Award - Plano Academy Tournament

2015- 2016:

Advanced To The Oklahoma Regionals 

Advanced To North Texas Regionals 

Inspire Award - North Texas Regional      

Winning Alliance Captain - North Texas Regionals 

2nd Place Control Award - North Texas Regionals

3rd Place Connect Award - North Texas Regionals


Control Award - North Texas Regional

Captain Of The Winning Alliance - Ben Barber Tournament

Innovate Award - Ben Barber Tournament 

Tyler L. -  2015 Dean's List Finalist